Canadian Pilgrimage
By Betty L. Ingram

Today was to be a very memorable and enlightening trip for us all. For Monique and Vesna this was a dream to visit another country and for Betty and chance to see Canada again after 30 years. However, the highlight of the trip was to meet Gerald D’Aoust.

Since both girls are excellent photographers the entire trip was captured on film. A lot of emotion was also captured on film.

Excitement began as we left the USA at Detroit to cross the Ambassador Bridge into Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Tiki, one of my Tibetan Lhasas also accompanies us on the trip. Tiki already had a Rabies shot and had also been microchipped in preparation for her trip to Slovenia. She already had her health certificate as well so there were no problems traveling into Canada or back into the USA with her.

We met Gerald at the Motel where he had been staying. It was like meeting family. Unanimously we decided we were all hungry and wanted a real breakfast, not chain food. We also wanted a place where we could sit and talk in peace.

After a bit of driving around to find a place that was open, we discovered The Lumberman’s Restaurant. We were not disappointed. The meals were enough to feed a lumberjack for sure. From the restaurant we drove back to Gerald’s motel to relax and learn more about Lung-Ta.

Gerald also brought along his Tibetan artifacts. Holding the medallion in my hands gave me such a peaceful feeling and the opportunity to be a part of our Lhasas heritage and Gerald’s as well.

Gerald is a brilliant scholar and was also able to share with us a part of his past. We all had so much to learn from our teacher and listened intently.

Gerald is also a very kind, giving and trusting person. People have taken advantage of his kindness.

Since Gerald had to give up his room, we decided to do some sightseeing and chose to walk along the Detroit River and view the Detroit Waterfront and skyline, see all the wonderful sculptures along the Canadian walk and just talk and reminisce.

The river brings knowledge and the misty rain brings growth especially knowledge. The coolness brought an awakening in us all. Sadly the day had to end with us all going home. However, we did take home wonderful memories, love, warmth and a real awakening to what lay ahead for us all. This bond we developed will be forever.

“Thank You” Gerald for making the trip to meet us and sharing a part of you and your “DREAMS”.

Enjoy the pictures and videos of your trip!
Gerald D'Aoust explains about the Lung-Ta (part 1)
Gerald D'Aoust explains about the Lung-Ta (part 2)